Silly, clever and knowing.

The Guardian

A master of comic timing.

Financial Times

Unforgettable dance art.

Dagens Nyheter

Playful and humane. Humor, Style, and charm.

The Village Voice

Witty, effervescent, playful, surreal and joyously physical.

The Austrailan

Ekman skillfully plays with everyday movements, juggles with tapping and twitching; he packs the whole paradoxality of the world into the morning gym set and it does not make him feel sarcastic but rather enthusiastic and tender.



...When crafting a ballet, it is important that the piece says something. You have this moment that can change something in people. Even how they feel.
...How long does something work before we get bored of it, for me timing is crucial.
...I ask myself, Think why. Why do you want to do this? Don’t do it just for success. Focus more on your work than being successful. I want people to care about my work, not me.
...I don’t distort classical dance; I just show this dance from another viewpoint — sometimes it turns to be a kind of absurdity. Sometimes there is misunderstanding, especially for artists: it seems strange to dance in dramatic style. I always say to them: “Be honest, be present, it’s the situation that’s funny, not you”.

...Theater is a place where people can feel connection with each other, experience the same emotions and then talk about it.

...I like to take an unexpected turn, to surprise the audience.

...We have to remember why we are here. We are here to work together so the audience can walk away uplifted and amazed.

...That’s the great thing about our job and creation in general… if you are lost, then find something; then it exists.

...It is important that we remember to have fun, to be present and live in the moment.

...When I work with a large group – if you find the key word, if you find something that everyone can picture — they all start doing the same thing. Because there’s an innate human understanding. And sometimes the less words you say, and the more direct it is, it will make everyone understand.

Alexander Ekman

He is known for his fast paced timing and witty humor and clever transitions. He aims to create work which the majority can connect to, finding subjects that we can all relate to. Since 2006 he has devoted his time creating pieces which both entertain and question the observer.

Ekman, who does not belong to any particular dance company and rather speaks of himself as a freelancer, is very demanded all over the world. His productions are running in more than 45 theatres in various countries around the world.

He aims to transform the atmosphere in the auditorium and to always surprise the audience. “The most important question I always ask myself before I begin creating a new work is, why do we need this piece?” — says Ekman.

His searches are not limited to choreography. He is directing films, working with pop singers and famous fashion designers. For some of his works he also creates the music and scenography. He tickles his audience deliberately, changing the accents and dimensions, picking out totally unexpected ideas, making him one of the most ingenious and unconventional choreographers of our time.

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