Based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Premiere in Russia

Choreography: Mauro Bigonzetti
Music: Antongiulio Galeandro, Lorella Monti, Enza Prestia, Enza Pagliara, Cristina Vetrone

Alexandrinsky Theatre

April 21 & 22, 2019

If the rationality doesn’t help to change the world for the better, than maybe, we should become a little bit crazy? What a chance! Even for the one evening! What could be more fascinating than a chance to discover something extraordinary, to break from everyday routine, to escape from reality in a dream…?

Take your old photos and remember the times when you were a young fragile teenager from the looking-glass world. Take him and open door to adventures!

You will make a fascinating trip to the Wonderland where you will visit the most absurd tea ceremony in the world, spin in a whirlwind of books from the palace library and find yourself on the bottom of porcelain cup. You will be charmed by the erotic duet of the Cheshire Cat and the pussy cat Diana, the lacemaking of smoking Blue Caterpillar, the electric dancing of the Red Queen and, of course, by the demonic technique of the Mad Hatter.

As for Alice, she will help you to discover important things about yourself. After this unforgettable trip you will never be the same person. You will become younger, more courageous and brave. Now you can overcome boredom, avoid stupidity and dullness.

In brief, Alice — it’s not just a high-technology scenography, 3D-animation and ingenious choreography. That’s an incredible performance and fascinating story, and also it’s a great therapy session for all tired or bored. Impossible to miss.

World Premiere: 25 June 2014, Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Duration: 2 hours with one intermission

«Curiouser and curiouser!» cried Alice.

«Alice's Adventures in Wonderland» by Lewis Carroll

All Bigonzetti characters are colorfully and accurately represented, but still the choreographer leaves a lot to the imagination.

Alice — it’s a magic and wonder show performed
by virtuosos of dance.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

«Must see» for everyone who is ready to follow the magic of surrealistic images and associations.

Virtuosity is in this crazy ballet Bigonzetti's big topic.

Ruhr Nachrichten

The choreographer is particularly concerned about the central idea of the Alice’s story: how troubling and dangerous is the world where natural and usual laws don’t work anymore.

Tanz Web Nordrhein Westfalen

Original and Live Music: Antongiulio Galeandro, Lorella Monti, Enza Prestia, Enza Pagliara, Cristina Vetrone
Libretto: Based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Choreography: Mauro Bigonzetti
Set and Lighting Designer: Carlo Cerri
Сostumes: Helena de Medeiros
Video: Carlo Cerri, OOOPStudio
Assistant choreographer: Macha Daudel

Performed by :
Small Alice — Sayaka Wakita
Big Alice — Jana Nenadovic
Queen — Sae Tamura
Cat — Jelena-Ana Stupar
Tomcat — Erik Sosa Sánchez
Hatter — Javier Cacheiro
Rabbit — Francesco Nigro
Caterpillar — Dustin True
Twins — Amanda Vieira,Manuela Souza
Turtle — Amanda Vieira
Ghiro — Matheus Vaz
Duet — Stephanine Ricciardi, Dann Wilkinson
Gryphone — Simon Jones
Court Scene: Jelena-Ana Stupar, Amanda Vieira, Manuela Souza, Stephanine Ricciardi, Clara Sorzano, Caroline Vandenberg, Charlotte Kragh, Matheus Vaz, Erik Sosa Sánchez, Simon Jones, Shai Ottolenghi, Dustrin True, Dann Wilkinson, Pedro Frizon, William Castro Hechavarria, Javier Cacheiro.



The literary template:
Alice is a little girl. On a summer afternoon she sits in the garden and gets bored. There comes a white rabbit with a clock pasted by. ˮNo time, no timeˮ, it shouts excitedly and keeps on hurrying. Alice follows the strange animal into his burrow and thus gets into the Other World, the realm of the Queen of Hearts. There, the real world is literally turned upside down. Alice meets many strange characters there. A Cheshire Cat gives wise advice. A Mad Hatter says that every hour of the day is ˮtea-timeˮ. From time to time, a bloodcurdling scream goes through the kingdom: ˮHead off, head off!ˮ This is the Queen of Hearts who thinks someone has eaten some of her tarts. Alice is also charged in a show trial, but she can avert the impending disaster by simply awakening from her summer afternoon slumber. Everything was just a dream. — Really?

The ballet:
In his choreographic interpretation of the children’s book, classic ˮAlice in Wonderlandˮ by Lewis Carroll, star choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti makes use of various elements from the book, but re-assembles them in free association into a fantasy — fantasy about the search for one’s own identity. The focus is Alice. She is embodied by two dancers. One stands for the little girl Alice in the real world, the other — for the adventure girl who runs after a white rabbit and rushes headlong into a world that puts her mind to the test. Will the two Alices move apart, or will they find each other again? Numerous figures, the author Lewis Carroll has devised, are found in the creation of Mauro Bigonzetti again, though mentally spun. And each is part of Alice, who discovers Wonderland in herself.

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