Tie Break
First time in Russia


Musical comedy in break dance style
Premiere in Russia

Choreography: Tie Break
Music: Arthur Gaget

April 26,2020

If you have a good sense of humour, you can make anything funny. Even the exhausting rush from hotel room to hotel room that is the curse of so many busy people these days, from popular performers to high-powered executives.

The aesthetics of taxis and airports, the philosophy of living “everywhere and nowhere”, hotel luxury by the hour, and demonstrative comfort with a strict check-out time — at first it seems desirable, then habitual, and in the end it’s hysterical. This Lobby, full of the cynical, indifferent concierges, the porters with their ironic Hollywood smiles, the pompous regular clients, this Lobby looks like a real silent comedy in the spirit of Chaplin and Keaton.

But there is one important difference that makes this performance quite unique: Lobby is a real “breakdance hip hop comedy”, created around the melodies and improvisational logic of jazz, and performed by true virtuosos of the most dizzying and acrobatic of dance genres. Have you ever seen seriously stylish boys from the suburbs of Lyon joking around? If you can manage to get a ticket and see Lobby by Tie Break, then from now on you’ll be able to arch an eyebrow charismatically and say: “Yes, I have.”

This show which highlights singularity and virtuosity of each dancer, but leaves time and space for collective scenes, offers us a formidable divertissement. Exhilarating!

Le Parisien

Full of energy, obsessed with music, these eight virtuosic dancers offer us a musical comedy, inspired by Afro-American dances and hip-hop rythms. Must see!

Lyon Capitale

Choreographic fantasy in jazz ambiance will make you smile

Mairie France

This music comedy, inspired by the jazz rhythms is a pure divertissement. It brings to hip-hop prestige and even nobility