Ballet in 2 acts
Premiere in Russia

Choreography: Alexander Ekman
Music: Mikael Karlsson

The great advantage of classic titles is that they give us free rein for interpretation. What we invite you to enjoy is definitely not Shakespeare, but rather the phantasmagorical invention of Alexander Ekman, based on Scandinavian mythology and traditions.

So, welcome to this celebration of the summer solstice in a land where the bewitching pearl-white nights are even more mysterious than in these latitudes.

The summer solstice is a magical door between a night so short and a day that stretches to infinity. In that fleeting instant, the barrier between the world of mortals and the kingdom of the supernatural is at its very thinnest — as insubstantial as a veil, making it so easy to slip from one world into the other.

In sharp contrast to the unrelenting winter, Scandinavia’s long summer days rouse everything living, heighten sensuality, and urge us to heed the call of nature — quickly, before the inevitable icy shadows seals us once more into a vessel of calm and silence. Powerful, bold and imbued with a mighty and authentic archaism, this ballet has every chance of going down in ballet history, not to mention finding a place among your personal favorites.

World premiere: April 17, 2015, Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm

Among the best things I have ever experienced on a stage. Ever. All categories.

Per Sinding Larsen

Regardless what you think you’re interested in, let go of everything and go to see ‘Midsommarnattsdrom”! I’ve seen concerts and exhibitions all over the world for 35 years. This is one of my life’s greatest stage experiences

Jar Gradvall

Alexander Ekman's dream is generous, accesible and often very poetic

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